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Some Things You Should Never Let A Dog Eat or Ingest

•  Raisins - Grapes (can be deadly)
•  Chocolate - Cocoa (can be deadly)
•  Alcohol
•  Caffeine (coffee grounds, tea & tea bags)
•  Tomatoes
•  Avocados (especially seeds)
•  Onions
•  Strawberries
•  Bones (cooked bones tend to splinter)
•  Foods high in salt or sodium

Caution: dogs will often swallow fallen fruit whole, if left on the ground, and this can be deadly, if it happens to be plums or apricots. Most seeds (pits) from fruits and vegetables are toxic to dogs and many other animals, because several types of seeds contain varying amounts of cyanide.

Some Things You Never Allow a Dog to Access

  • Antifreeze or any agent containing ethylene glycol. It is much safer to use products containing propylene glycol, instead. Anitfreeze is the #1 most common toxic agent in accidental, ingestion-related dog deaths.
  • Snail poison or any insecticide or herbicide.
  • Wires - electrical or any wiring that carries a current (this includes a phone line or cable TV lines).
  • Toys or other items filled with unidentifiable liquids or solids. A good example is a snowglobe (the kind you shake, and snow drifts through the liquid onto some scene or landscape). These globes are often filled with an antifreeze-like liquid.
  • Any cleaning agent or potentially toxic substance.

This means that if the dog can reach it, touch it, or in any way access it, it is a potential danger, if toxic. Also keep in mind that a large amount of any substance has the potential to become disasterous, given a dog's inability to judge excess.

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